Special Issue: Abuse Deterrent Opioids

Journal of Opioid Management

Call for Papers, Research, Case Studies, Literature Reviews and Expert Analysis

“Abuse Deterrent Opioids:
Clinical and Public Policy Implications”

    Journal of Opioid Management (JOM) is pleased to present a special issue, Abuse Deterrent Opioids: Clinical and Public Policy Implications focused on abuse deterrent (AD) opioids. This issue will provide a comprehensive roadmap for healthcare professionals prescribing opioids in the treatment of pain and the proper utilization of AD opioids in clinical practice.

    Journal of Opioid Management invites the submission of original papers, research articles, case studies, literature reviews and expert analysis on the topics of this special issue.

    Over the past decade the use of opioid analgesics in the treatment of chronic pain has grown rapidly, however these analgesics have also been associated with an increase in accidental drug overdose deaths. Abuse deterrent formulations of opioid analgesics have been introduced as part of the solution to opioid abuse and the unintended consequence of the opioid death epidemic. Along with these new formulations come an important set of benefits and limitations that are critical to the proper application of ADOs.

    Our goal is to create an authoritative special issue of JOM that presents the latest research on the basic science, clinical application and public policy aspects of abuse deterrent opioids. This issue will address the most important issues opioid prescribers face while utilizing ADOs in their practice.

    We are pleased to announce that this special issue will be led by Lynn R. Webster, MD, FACPM, FASAM, Vice President of Scientific Affairs, PRA Health Sciences, Salt Lake City, Utah. Dr. Webster will be joined by a group of special topic experts and peer-reviewers. Dr. Lynn Webster has dedicated more than three decades to becoming an expert in the fields of pain and addiction medicine. He is the Vice President of Scientific Affairs of PRA Health Sciences and past president of the American Academy of Pain Medicine. He is board certified in anesthesiology, pain medicine, and addiction medicine. Dr. Webster lectures extensively on the subject of preventing opioid abuse and ensuring access to care for people with chronic pain. He has authored more than 300 scientific abstracts, manuscripts, journal articles and a book.

We are seeking original papers, research, case studies,
literature reviews and expert analysis on the following topics:
·Clinical Application of ADOs in pain management
·Clinical Application of ADO in addiction medicine
·Comparison of ADF technology
·Pharmacology and Pharmacokinetics of ADF technology
·The role of ADOs in addressing the opioid crisis
·Economic considerations in prescribing ADFs
·Integration of ADFs into practice protocols
·Payers impact on ADO adoption
·Regulations, DEA and CDC’s impact on ADF
·How to assess efficacy of AD technology?
·Impact of ADFs on crime and legal issues
·Regulatory Guidelines for ADF approval
·Challenges to overdose protection technology
·Payer policies that have contributed to the opioid crisis
·Financial models for industry to develop ADFs
·Can a category 4 label ever be achieved?
·What do the ADF primary endpoints really measure?
·Discuss the clinical meaningfulness of primary endpoints
·Discuss what statistical differences mean in HAP studies
·Statistical models for HAP studies
·Should HAP be assessed in people on opioids for chronic
 pain and in people with opioid addictions?
·Abuse deterrent formulations for non opioids
·Human abuse potential studies for new chemical entities
·Legislation impacting ADO adoption

    Our goal is to have the special issue ready for publication in Q2-2017. We are targeting 3,500-6,000 word length articles. The special issue will be based on the current JOM article format and may include an executive summary created by the editorial team in addition to the standard article abstract.

    Please submit your manuscript by April 15, 2017 directly via the manuscript submission portal located here . Or for general details on manuscript submissions, please visit this page .Please contact us with questions at jom(at)pnpco.com or 781-899-2702, ext. 114. Our staff is available to assist you from 9 am – 4 pm Eastern Time.

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    We thank you for your commitment to the proper and adequate use of opioids and your support of this special issue of the Journal of Opioid Management.

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