ICOO2020 Call for Presentations, Papers, etc

Call for Proposals
2020 International Conference On Opioids
May 30-June 1, 2020

The International Conference On Opioids (ICOO 2020) Program Committee invites the submission of proposals for Presentations, Posters, Workshops and Corporate Satellite Symposia to be presented during the ninth annual International Conference On Opioids.

Expanding on the success of our past conferences, this unique forum will be comprised of renowned specialists in all aspects of opioids. This includes the latest advances in basic science, neurol- ogy, clinical application, pharmacology, pharmacogenetics, public health, opioid addiction, ethics, legal, regulatory and compliance. The program is designed to enlighten healthcare providers with new data, essential information, and best practices every medical profes- sional needs to know when caring for patients on opioid analgesics.

The ICOO 2020 Program Committee requests proposals represent- ing all areas of opioid research, treatment, ethics, opioid abuse and addiction. Proposals from individuals and panels will be considered. Multidisciplinary panels are encouraged to include perspectives from physicians, nurses, psychologists, basic scientists, pharmacists, etc. Moderators should seek participation from a varied group of faculty with a maximum of four participants per proposal. Proposals that include both basic and clinical science are encouraged.

The following partial list of topics are suggested for submission:

• Translational Opioid & Pain Research
• Best Practices in Opioid Dosing, Rotation, and Titration/Tapering
• Basic Science Research in Opioids and Opioid Pharmacology
• Interventional Pain Management Opioid Techniques
• Inequalities in Pain Experience and Pain Management
• Outcomes of Clinical Practice Guidelines for Opioids
• Ethical Issues in the Use of Opioids
• Legal, Regulatory, & Public Health Issues of Prescribing Opioids
• Opioid Abuse, Diversion, and Addiction; Issues and Detection
• Opioids in Acute Pain
• Perioperative Pain Management
• Opioid Stewardship
• Pain Management with Opioids for Cancer Survivors
• Pain Management in Opioid Addicted Patients
• Use of Opioids in Chronic Non-Cancer Patients
• Abuse Deterrent Opioid Formulations and Their Applications
• Tapering Patients Off Opioids - Advanced Cases
• Treatment of Co-Morbid Conditions, e.g. Addiction and Bipolar
Disorder; Addiction and ADHD
• Long Term Opioid Use and Its Effect on Adrenal Insufficiency
• Use of Buprenorphine for Treatment of Pain
• Interpretation of Urine Drug Screen Results
• How to manage patients on Medical Cannabis and Opioids
• How to avoid legal problems in today's environment?
• How have the plaintiff law suits affected opioid prescribing?
• What role do prescription opioids play in the US drug crisis? What role do illegal opioids play?
• NIH Interagency Pain Management recommendations

Proposals for previously presented or published work may not be submitted to ICOO 2020 without modification. Original work must be changed or expanded, resulting in a new proposal.

Oral presentation proposals accepted thru December 1, 2019. Poster abstract submissions accepted thru April 21, 2020.

Please note: The moderator is required to include a complete standard format disclosure form as part of the submission. Moderators should contact the speakers named on the proposal to notify them of their inclusion in the submission, and to remind them to complete their disclosure in- formation by December 1, 2019.

A complete proposal submission should include the following:
• Presentation title
• A brief description of the presentation, its need and rationale for your topic at the ICOO 2020 conference.
• Abstract text of up to 200 words, with information about each presenter’s contribution; a focus statement with succinct description of topics discussed including background, purpose, procedures and conclusions.
• Educational objectives, goals and outcomes.
• Five (5) questions for a post conference test
(oral presentations only)
Moderator and/or presenter information, including disclosures, bio and picture. Presenter’s bio (250-300 words) should include both educational and professional achievements. Bio provided will be published in the program guide and used to introduce speakers. Picture must be high-res .jpg file for printed program.

Proposal Notification: Applicants will be notified in January 2020 regarding selection of their proposals. All presenters will receive complimentary conference registration. Other details and terms of participation will be communicated to speakers upon acceptance of their proposal.

Presentation Times: Presentations are scheduled to take place Saturday, May 30 through Monday, June 1, 2020. All faculty must be willing and able to present on these dates. Symposia sessions are 15-60 minutes in length. Panel presentations involving multiple presenters will be given additional time.

Presentation Materials: PowerPoint slides are required of all speakers and are due May 1, 2020. Handout materials
including articles, references, etc. are welcomed of all speakers. The session moderator will be expected to assist ICOO Program Commit- tee in the collection and organization of all presentation slides and handout materials.

Poster Details: Poster submissions may have been previously presented. A listing of posters will be included in our Program Guide and in an issue of the Journal of Opioid Management following the conference. Poster presenters are required to register and attend the conference during the poster presentation sessions.

Top Three Posters Presented: The top three posters selected by the ICOO 2020 Co-chairs will be presented to the full audience during a special 30 minute session. Each poster presenter will have 10 minutes to present their poster and take questions from the audience. Poster submissions must include poster in pdf format. Please be available on Tuesday, June 16 if you wish to be considered for this honor.

Submission Details: To submit all proposals, please visit www.opioidconference.org and use the ICOO2020 Submission form available on the ICOO 2020 Call for Papers webpage.
Email your form to jom@pnpco.com. For assistance contact us at
781-899-2702, ext 103, 108, 114 from 9 am – 4 pm EST.

Important Dates:
• Oral presentation submissions deadline December 1, 2019.
• Presentation and symposia decision January, 2020.
• Presentation and symposia notification February, 2020
• Poster abstract submission deadline April 21, 2020.
• Poster decision and notification late-April, 2020.
• Presentation slides due for CME content review May 1, 2020.

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